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Gilt-head sea bream

the best tasting bream

My name refers to the golden band between my eyes. I begin my life as a male. When I reach 30cm, I become female and can lay up to 8,000 eggs every day for up to 4 months.

Sparus aurata


icon_fishWhat I eat

I mainly feed on shellfish.

icon_globalWhere I’m from

The eastern part of the Atlantic Ocean, from the British Isles to the Canary Islands, and the Mediterranean and Black seas.

icon_left_rightMature size

At least 20 cm.



icon_helpHow you can help

Buy me if I’m organic, farmed or caught with longlines or set nets. Avoid trawler-caught fish.

Idea how to cook

Sea bream fillet

with prawns in kohlrabi cream

by Uroš Štefelin